Welcome to XanaduHome.Com
Welcome to XanaduHome.com. I first had
to idea to make this site a few years ago as
a way to preserve a little of the past. I plan
to construct an exact copy of the Xanadu
that was built in kissimmee Florida in 1983.
I used to visit that one every year for my
birthday since the day they opened. So
when I found out that it had been torn
down, I made it my goal to see it come to
life yet again. I know it is not going to be
the cheapest thing to build. But it is
something that I am passionate about so I
plan to make it happen, no matter how long
it takes. If you check the links section you
will see my gifts-of-money site. If you go
there you can paypal donate anything you
want to help me in my quest to build.
Below I have posted the WIKI article about
the xanadu houses but keep checking back
there will be quite a bit more info to come.
The Xanadu Houses were a series of
experimental homes built to showcase
examples of computers and automation in
the home in the United States. The
architectural project began in 1979, and
during the early 1980s three houses were
built in different parts of the United States:
one each in Kissimmee, Florida; Wisconsin
Dells, Wisconsin; and Gatlinburg,
Tennessee. The houses included novel
construction and design techniques, and
became popular tourist attractions during
the 1980s.

The Xanadu Houses were notable for being
built with polyurethane insulation foam
rather than concrete, for easy, fast, and
cost-effective construction. They were
ergonomically designed, and contained
some of the earliest home automation
systems. The Kissimmee Xanadu, designed
by Roy Mason, was the most popular, and
at its peak was attracting 1000 visitors
every day. The Wisconsin Dells and
Gatlinburg houses were closed and
demolished in the early 1990s; the
Kissimmee Xanadu House was closed in
1996 and demolished in October 2005.